The Vineyard Owes Me Nothing

Martha’s Vineyard

The Vineyard owes me nothing, that’s a phrase that has been said time and time again as I scoured through post to plan our family vacation this year. The sentiment comes from visitors far and wide who are left with a sense of fulfilment and a longing to return again. My experience was no different, the Vineyard left me feeling the same way. I tried my best to take heed to advice I was given from the regular visitors of MV, “just go with the flow, let the island lead the way”. (BUT I did do a little planning and I’m sharing below). *Given that the global pandemic is still lingering around, MV was a perfect getaway for our very “COVID conscious” family. Most restaurants and shops were either outdoors or open air. There were countless activities and things to do. So much so that there is still a ton we didn’t see.

Walking to the beach through the historic cottage homes

Beach days at the famed Inkwell Beach


We chose to stay in the historic Oak Bluffs. Not only is this place walkable to both beach and downtown, it is rich in history. The town is well known for its historic gingerbread cottages but more notably as “an historically and important center of African American culture since the eighteenth century”.

Getting there: We made our way to Woods Hole, Massachusetts and drove onto the ferry with our car (This must be booked far in advanced as tickets for cars are limited). The 40 minute ferry took us directly to Oak Bluffs. Check out videos on my IG Stories for more.

Our home for the week.

Tip: A wagon is a must for a beach day if you have little ones

Ferry Ride


We were only able to sample a fraction of the restaurants on the island. Here is a list of places we tried and recommend:

Family Friendly:

-Noman’s (This is a must, the vibe was on point and its probably one of the most family friendly eateries I’ve ever been to)

-Nancy’s (We did takeout here, but there was outdoor seating)

-Offshore Ale Co. (the ribs are a must!)

-Biscuits (For breakfast)

Date Night:


-Sweet Life Cafe

-Coop De Ville (go during sunset)


-Murdick’s Fudge for the peanut cake

-Ben & Bill’s for Ice Cream

-Backdoor Donuts (you won’t regret it)


-Caribbean Cuisine (its a little window that sells to go Caribbean dishes-beef patties are great for food on the beach)



Endless games at Noman’s

Dinner @ Sweet Life Café, I wouldn’t call it family friendly but definitely a cute date night spot


There were an endless number of activities on the island. Besides from the beach days, here are my faves:

-Meadow Farms Hayride

-Catch an outdoor movie at MV Film Center (we watched ‘Inkwell’ starring Jada Pickett Smith & Lorenz Tate)

-Edgartown Lighthouse

-MV Pirateship adventure

-African American Heritage Trail: This is a must. Learning the history of this locale makes the experience even more special

-Yoga on Inkwell beach (probably my favorite)

-Watching the Polar Bears swim at sunrise

Polar Bears after singing and completing their morning exercise were greeted by a group of young swimmers. The Polar Bears are a group of seasoned women who get together every summer morning to sing, swim, and exercise. It really is a beautiful site to see.

2 thoughts on “The Vineyard Owes Me Nothing

  1. What a nice summary of your family vacay and first time visit to MV! I’ve been going for 25 years but never posted such a nice and fun summary! Martha’s Vineyard is my all time favorite place to vacation!



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